Precision Agriculture

We provide mapping services for wineries and small farms. Using NDVI maps and ortho images we can help improve planning, scouting and help make your field uniform.


NDVI Map Benefits for Vineyards

  • Improve the return on assets through improving fruit quality
  • Bring the vineyard as close to uniform as possible
  • Comparison over time can help determine progress of uniformity
  • Imagery can help determine irrigation patterns with savings in water or increases in distribution
  • Determine quality sampling zones based on color classes
  • Harvest assessments based on maturity
  • Target scouting
  • Tracking year to year changes


Real Estate:

  • Promotional videos to help improve the listing.
  • Get the opening shot that that all good listings need.



Make inspections safer than before. We can inspect bridges, roofs and cell towers just to name a few. 


Promotional Videos:

We offer a full service promotional video package. Get aerial and ground shots combined to improve your message.